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Survival Through Silence

Finding Hope and courage during the darkest moments of life can feel impossible, but I am proof it is not. I am still here, standing tall, spreading positivity, love, and knowledge the best I know how by telling my story. Through all of the years of pain, frustration, triumphs, wins, losses and enough tears shed to fill a pool, the only constant I found was that I would be OK somehow, someway. I would survive.

Read through the eyes of Dana Guillory. You will become immersed in the life of a person who struggled for and won her life back from the creatures that aimed to take it away.

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Dana Guillory

Dana Guillory, a retired Army veteran, is the founder Potential Realized, a leading motivational and consulting company. She is a highly regarded and enthusiastic professional public speaker, facilitator, and coach. She is also a well-respected and decorated athlete within both the running and bodybuilding communities. Dana attributes her success in large part to her childhood. After her father died, Dana and her siblings were placed in separate foster homes. The mental, physical and sexual abuse she endured began shortly after her arrival and continued for several years until she enlisted into the Army and left. Her brutal childhood left deep emotional and everlasting physical scars that took a very long time to heal from. After serving more than 20 years in the military, she found herself searching for ways to continue to make a difference in the world. She founded Potential Realized so she could continue her mission of motivating and inspiring others. Her struggles and triumphs have helped mold her into a strong, positive, encouraging, and outgoing woman. She has an uncanny ability to pull from her life’s experiences and connect with others in a way that her message resonates and dramatically impacts them.

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Survival Through Silence

My Why

I was the kid who never felt like I belonged. I’ve been abused physically, sexually, and mentally for as long as I can remember. My mother placed me into the foster system after my father passed away from A.L.S. I was assigned to a family that persuaded my social worker and the courts that I was loved and would be well taken care of. That was not the case at all. The abuse began soon after I moved in with them. I didn’t want to live with them, but I had no choice. I learned from an early age that the only things I could control were the grades I made and my performance in extra-curricular activities. Academics and sports became my solace and escape because I was so unhappy. I found that running allowed me to push my body to the point where I couldn’t feel what my heart and mind were experiencing. Without even realizing it, I became addicted.

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Survival Through Silence

We get confused and indecisive about who we are as a person. We often feel like we are cursed and we are good for nothing. We start questioning our worth and convince ourselves that we are ordinary and nobody needs us. People coerce us into believing that our past mistakes, experiences, and actions directly determine our future, causing us to stop trying to build the life we truly deserve. We start blaming ourselves for the failed relationships and all the things that go wrong in our lives. I hope that in these pages, you will find strength and a deeper understanding of what you are capable of doing and who you are truly capable of becoming. There is immense power that potential carries with it once an individual learns to believe in it.

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